Wait on God.


On Wednesday I went to a new church, expecting to attend a Bible Study service. To my surprise when I arrived, it was actually Day 3 of Vacation Bible School. I decided to stay though, & see what the message for the night was about.

The Pastor of the church put everyone in small groups and asked each of us to discuss a time when we waited on God and blessings followed. We were supposed to think about David’s story & reflect on the similarities of his experiences to our own. I, of course, was nervous because I did not know any of the people in my group, let alone anyone at the church. Fortunately, the women I was paired with were very welcoming & social.

Two of the women in my group shared their testimonies. One told us about how she struggled figuring out her career path. The end result, after some time passed etc., was that she found her calling in counseling. She is now happy in her career and believes she is doing the work God called her to do. The other told us about her car breaking down, being without a car & having to ride the bus. She talked about saving & after some time passed being able to purchase a new one. Both stories showed how important it is to wait on God in all areas of your life.  When it was my turn, I smiled & said I didn’t have a particular situation in mind & that their stories were great to share with the other church members. I kept thinking to myself “When have I really waited on God?”  

Later that night once I got settled in at home, I began to think about why I didn’t feel like I had a testimony. I realized that I actually did have a few, & one deals with this blog.

I had a blog in high school that I maintained until my first or second year of college. It was a tumblr, so the content really wasn’t focused on one area. I honestly did not have much of a vision for it. So after I completely lost interest (& prepared to begin law school) I deleted the blog & went on my way. For the last year or so, I had been thinking about starting a blog again but was unsure how or what my niche would be. So…I waited. I spent time thinking about what my purpose would be, what content I would want to share, etc. I researched hosts and started reading other bloggers’ content. My sister, Alexandria, launched her blog, which gave me the push to finally relaunch my own. So I did, & here we are today.

This blog has been a blessing for me already in more ways than one. I have received more positive feedback & support from my loved ones & family than I ever imagined. More people have opened up to me about their stories & battles, which solidifies that this is something I have to do. We have to start having the conversations that make us uncomfortable, educate ourselves about the things we don’t know, & accept the things society tells us we should be ashamed of. I hope that my blog gets us moving in the right direction & that I can change some of the misconceptions about self-care, depression, anxiety, etc.

Imagine if I had started my blog too soon…I may not have followed through with it or even conveyed the right messages. By doing what didn’t feel like waiting at the time, God was creating a blessing for me that I could only imagine. I was able to prepare myself & launch the blog when I was ready, not just when it seemed like a good idea. 

Notice that during my wait, I was able to prepare myself. Simply waiting is not enough. You must also be productive during your wait. Seek out God & ask Him what He wants you do to. Work on the things within yourself that you want to grow or change. Have faith in Him & be confident in your abilities. Write out a vision and set goals. Be intentional with what it is you are asking Him for, so that when He blesses you, you are as ready as you can be. 

Are you waiting on God for something?  I don’t think there is anything wrong with waiting. It is important to be patient, but you have to decide what to do while you wait. Pray and ask God for your blessing, & make sure that you are also preparing yourself for that blessing to come to fruition. Speak the blessing into existence! Claim it as yours, & God will make sure everything you deserve & more is yours for the taking. When we wait on God instead of looking for that instant gratification, I think the blessings are that much better & we appreciate them just a little bit more. 



“A (wo)man who is the master of patience is master of everything else.” -George Savile

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