Anaston is currently a third year law student in Georgia. As a little girl growing up in Memphis, TN, Anaston learned quickly the importance of finding an outlet from every day life. She spent a lot of her childhood reading, writing, & falling in love with music. 

It was during her undergraduate career that she realized her purpose in life is to be of service to others. As she has grown older, her life lessons & experiences have ignited a passion for mental health awareness & self-care. She plans to live in her purpose of helping others in both her professional career, as a family law & sports/entertainment attorney, and in her personal life. Once she completes her J.D., Anaston plans to also become a life coach and continue educating others about self-care, mental wellness, & the law.

Anaston is known for being a woman who speaks for those who cannot (or choose not to) speak for themselves, & she plans to continue to  do so through her brand. You can find her on YouTube or on her podcast with her best friend: Sister Talks With Anaston & Alexandria; on Twitter speaking her truth, & Instagram. She is a newbie Yogini, french fry connoisseur, writer, lover of music & roller skating, a traveler, & an avid reader. She is also a mommy to her dog Pablo.