STWS | The Course

Spending Time With Self: Building the Foundation for Self Love

Launches 2021

A digital, self care course offering.


This course was created as a safe space for people who are seeking to make self care their lifestyle. During STWS, we will face the concept of self love in a transparent, ground-breaking way. This journey will challenge you to dig to the root of how you feel about you. You will address your needs intimately + get to know yourSELF. If you are ready to evolve and cultivate your own self care practice, let’s do the work!

Part I: The Introduction

Part II: Building Awareness

Part III: Breaking the Chains

Part IV: Affirming the Good

We will use tools like mindfulness, positive self-talk, and therapeutic writing to dig deep into our innerselves. This course includes weekly check-in writing prompts, self-care exercises, and videos.

All purchases are processed via PayPal. Access is granted to full course materials upon receipt of purchase. Although this course is meant to be completed over four weeks, having access to the materials will allow you to move at your own pace.

There are no refunds, because this is a digital offering.

For all inquiries, please email